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Rehabilitation and Relaxation Centre
Complex analysis of body constitution

Measuring basic bioimpedance values with state-of-the-art equipment

- BMI (Body Mass Index)
- weight with the precision of 10g
- body fat percentage rate
- amount of water in the body
- specification of appropriate daily intake of calories
- metabolic age
- percentage of muscle mass
Functional diagnostics of locomotor apparatus

We can say a lot of things just by looking at a human body. Even the posture of a person itself and his/her attitude can reveal a lot.
Assessment of bad posture of the body, muscle imbalances and their subsequent removal. Loosening shortened muscles and strenghtening weakened muscles.
Regeneration and detoxication programmes – best natural detoxication with Aloe Vera

For thousands of year, gel from Aloe Vera (Barbadensis Miller) has been used as a natural remedy and precious beauty elixir. As early as during the antique period, it was used for streghtening, regeneration and as a remarkable beautifying substance. Aloe Vera Gel Life Essence is great thanks to it contents of valuable natural substances such as vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Our products are made by processing precious gel of Aloe Vera Barbadensin Miller.
Individual approach led by a physiotherapist

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