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SOFYC clinic is a clinic specialising in one-day surgery procedures. The term of “one day surgery” implies diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with the patient hospitalization up to 24 hours. Procedures of the one day health care represent a broad spectrum of operations in selected medical specialties, which can be realized without the consequent institutional medical health care. The advantage of one day surgery is that clients do not become patients, they are not exposed to the risk of hospital-acquired infections, stress from hospitalization, and they stay at work.

Years of practical experience in this specialty have taught us to appreciate trust expressed by you, clients – patients. Thanks to this, SOFYC Clinic staff make all effort to provide servises on the highest professional level and thus contribute to the clients’ maximum satisfaction. The clinic employs fully qualified specialists, who hand over their long-term experience in particular specialties.

In the area of plastic surgery, we realize aesthetic and reconstructive surgical procedures. We focus on modern but at the same time verified methods and methods established in our country.

In our clinic, you will encounter a tailor-made approach from the first contact of client – nurse- doctor to the particular intervention. Every procedure is preceded by a personal consultation, during which we try to assess the starting condition and expected postsurgical result as realistically as possible.


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The patient can undertake all required presurgical medical examinations in our clinic, which markedly reduces the time of preparation for the procedure and contributes to the patient’s required comfort.

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After all surgical procedures, the client can contact his/her surgeon by phone, event. personally, at any time.

A pleasant setting, equipped above standard, guarantees care on the highest possible level both on material and professional sides.






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