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Arthroscopy (of shoulder, ankle, knee)
Procedure description: A modern examining as well as curative method used together with diagnostics of extremity joint arthropaties. During arthroscopy, an optical device with a diametre of 5 mm in width is inserted into the joint through a tiny incision and the picture of individual joint structures is watched by means of video equipment on the monitor. By means of special instrument it is possible to operate on individual structures. The operation only leaves a small scar.
Operation of epicondylitis radialis (tennis elbow)
Procedure description: Loosening of the enthesis of extensor digitorum and extensor carpi radialis changed by inflammation.
Operation of epicondylitis ulnaris (javelin thrower’s elbow)
Procedure description: Loosening of the enthesis of flexor digitorum and pronator teres muscle, changed by inflammation.
Operation of trigger fingers and thumb
Procedure description: Longitudinal section of the tendon sheath in the place of swelling, which restores movement of fingers and thumb.
Operation of Dupuytren’s contracture
Procedure description: Removal of the constricting tissue from the palm and sometimes from the finger area.
Operation of carpal tunnel syndrome
Procedure description: Disconnection of thickened carpal ligament as well as loosening of nerve from its hypertrophic coats. This syndrome is one of the most common diseases damaging hand and mostly affects women.
Operation of bursitis
Procedure description: Removal of bursa changed after inflammation in different localisations.
Operational removal of dermis and and subdermal tissue neoplasms
Procedure description: Removal of tumours of malign or benign origin from different parts of dermis, subdermis, sebum, muscles and connective tissue.
Operation of toe deformities
Procedure description: Removal of outgrowths in the area of joint between the metacarpal bone and phalanx of the big toe.
Operation of Morton’s neuralgia (painfulness in the area of metatarsus capitula region III - IV)
Procedure description: Operation of pressing of the digital branch of nervus plantaris medialis – revision of the digital nerve with section of the front part of intermetatarsal ligament, alternatively resection of the thickened part of the nerve (so-called neuroma).
Removal of small osteosynthetic material and external fixators
Procedure description: Surgical removal of the fixation material used for operation of skeleton fractures or deformities (e.g. nails, staples, screws, splints etc.).

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